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Royal Rise Primary



Our Curriculum

At Royal Rise we inspire the children to be the best they can be

The richness of our high-quality curriculum opens doors for children to become responsible educated citizens, introducing them to the best that has been thought and said.

royal rise curriculum overview 2023 2024.pdf


Equality and SEND

We ensure that our curriculum is inclusive of SEND and ensures that there  are equal opportunities for all children in our school. Our provision allows pupils with learning and physical difficulties the opportunity to follow a broad and balanced curriculum specifically tailored to develop life skills and to give pupils self-confidence through their learning thus enabling them to maximize their potential and to work independently. All children have full access to the curriculum, although where required appropriate adaptations are made to suit the needs of individual pupils, for example: 

- differentiated resources

- use of ICT

- extra adult support 

- different ways of evidencing learning 

- interventions

- pre-teaching of vocabulary 

- using PIXL to plan for SEND pupils 

We promote the highest aspirations for our children to become self-motivated, independent learners who are well prepared for later life and thrive in modern day society.

What do we want the children to know and learn?

Our curriculum reflects the ambition of the National Curriculum in developing knowledge and skills. It is designed particularly to:

  • develop speech language and communication,
  • raise personal ambition,
  • improve fine and gross motor skills,
  • develop a positive sense of self and respect for others,
  • give rich experiences to develop knowledge and understanding of the world
  • solve problems
  • promote reflection, collaboration and respect
  • accurately articulate their thoughts and opinions through the proactive acquisition of technical and non-technical vocabulary.

We do this through subject specific pedagogy:

Implementation of our Curriculum

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